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  1. The track and turnouts are Nickel Silver with the turnouts being #4’s. We
    have delivered a similar layout with #6 turnouts. The radius is is 22 and
    the new design features a larger yard and newer bridge and underpass. Give
    us a call should you have any other quesions at 859-577-4007 Monday through
    Friday EST. If we are in the shop you can call 859-394-4579. Thanks! The
    A.E.R. Group Team

  2. @BNSFCSX1 Thanks sir! We love building these for clients to support their
    hobby! There’s nothing better than to see their eye’s or their childrens
    eye’s light up when we delivery them and throw the switch. We thought about
    addinng the scenery, but there’s so many different options for this layout
    that we thought we’d leave it bare for the buyer to choose the scenery or
    era. The A.E.R. Group

  3. @EMDSD14R We offer different service & pricing options. Clients like the
    functionality of this 16’x8’ in operating two or more trains or the ability
    to expand later. The basic cost begins at $750.00. We offer benchwork only
    (without track), benchwork & track (as shown) to fully scenic layout
    w/completed scenery (hills, buildings roads) & animation (electric signals,
    lighted building etc.). Contact us at theaergroup@yahoo.com or at
    859-394-4579. Mon. – Sat. 8 to 6 Eastern.

  4. What Code is the track and turnouts? What radius are the curves? How many
    sections does the layout come in? Thanks

  5. awsome layout how much is is going for? and do u have others tht are for
    sale?…if not then do you still build layouts?

  6. @theaergroupinc i am going to giving u a call tommorrow regarding these
    layouts…i have an idea and i want to go over it with you

  7. Sounds good sir! Please feel free our direct line in the shop if we miss
    your call in the office. That number is 859-394-4579. Thanks again, Andy
    Wartman The A.E.R. Group, Inc. 4111 Decoursey Avenue Covington, Ketnucky

  8. Sorry, we omitted the number of sections. The original plan was three
    sections. With the expanded yard and radius’s being moved to 24 from 22 we
    are now at five sections with 40″ adjustable legs. We are in the process of
    adding some pictures of the new layout on our website If they are not up
    yet send us your email and we will provide you with the photo’s.

  9. We are currently selling the old version of the layout for $975.00. The new
    version is $1300.00 but offers a bigger yard and turnouts. All systems come
    with automatic turnouts, Nickel Silver Track, sixteen #4 turnouts, one
    truss bridge and three girder bridges. The system is operated with a custom
    control panel with painted track plan and turnout controllers. Additional
    options and layouts are available. Give us a call at 859-577-5007. Thanks!

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