New Shed Build by GMA Construction Services

Sometimes you’ve done enough on your own to know it’s something that worth having others do for you. GMA Construction Services Tell Tim BexarPrepper sent you…

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19 thoughts on “New Shed Build by GMA Construction Services”

  1. Beautiful, and it’s so great to get information about builders from someone
    that has had experience with them. Makes life so much better.
    I love your shed, even the color.

  2. Nice looking shed. Right out behind that shed about 50 yards would be a
    GREAT place for Pet to stay when she visits!!! LOL

  3. Good for you. I too am building a new shed this spring w/ my brother’s
    help. I bought a new home last year & do most of the work myself.
    Luckily a good friend helps whenever he can. So far it has been just
    clearing the land, working on the driveway & culvert, a lot of inside the
    house repairs, & trying to make a garden area. It does get over
    whelming. Thanks for sharing.

  4. very nice bexar, love the high loft ceiling, that is going to make a great
    storage place

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