Westchester NY Home Renovations – Gerety Building & Restoration

Gerety Building & Restoration is a leading general contractor in the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT areas. For over 35 years, we’ve served c…
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http://academy.howtoarchitect.com/ Follow one of Joeb Moore + Partners Architect LLC’s projects with Senior Project Architect Doug Patt – start to finish.

17 thoughts on “Westchester NY Home Renovations – Gerety Building & Restoration”

  1. I really liked this video, especially, Doug. Thank you for showing us the
    step-by-step. The more detail, the cooler. 😀

  2. Interestingly, early in my career I was hired precisely because I was good
    at making models. Today I rarely make physical models due to time
    constraints. Physical models are great but time consuming and difficult to
    alter in significant ways. They are also pricey if you don’t have a 3D
    printer and must outsource. If I have the time I make three dimensional
    digital models. They are initially time consuming but easy to modify and
    effective for the client.

  3. Hi Doug, I’m a seventh grader very interested in architecture. I’ve won
    some pretty big drawing contests, so I think my drawing abilities are fair.
    However, I’m worried about the architect’s decreasing impact on
    construction, as well as the relatively low wage and often strenuous work.
    Additionally, my family owns a rather wealthy business, and that would be
    an easy “go-to.” Any advice? Thanks!

  4. As an architecture student I am always taught to make models, but I always
    see you sketching. Do you make models aswell?

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